Michelin Agilis 3 Tyres Available in Sheffield

Michelin Agilis 3


Agilis 3

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-  The new summer van tire line completly ‘B-grade’ Rolling Resistance with an optimized weight.
-  Resulting in less fuel consumption and a significantly reduced CO2 footprint of your van: -100kg of CO2 per year (almost equivalent to CO2 stored by 3 trees).
 - Generating  less waste and minimizing the impact on natural resources.

 - Excellent wet braking performance from the 1st  to the last kilometer thanks to EverGrip Technologies .
 - The new Summer van tire line completly ‘A-grade' wet braking.

 -  The MICHELIN expertise in high mileage tyres.
 -  With up to 7% more mileage vs previous generation.

 - Unique kerbing shields protection against sidewall damage.
 - Abrasion resistant rubber compound derived from proven Truck tyre technology.
 - Patented Truck tyres stone ejectors, adapted for the 1st time to van tyres, bring additional damage protection by preventing stone retention, resulting in improved service life.


Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 15 Tyres
Michelin Agilis 3 195/70R15 104/102RR B A 72
Size 16 Tyres
Michelin Agilis 3 195/65R16 104/102RR B A 72
Michelin Agilis 3 215/75R16 116/114R B A 072
Michelin Agilis 3 235/65R16 115/113RR B A 72